P2C Students Mentorship Resource Cards

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Graduating and moving on to college or university can be a difficult process, and one that can come with a lot of changes in a young person’s life. The Renegotiating Faith study found that having a mentor and a connection to spiritual community were key in helping students to continue seeking spiritual growth and church involvement, so our grade 12 initiative, NEXT, created these cards to equip mentors to better guide students in their final year.

This resource is designed to help mentors guide students through their final year of high school as they move into adulthood, take on more responsibility, and make big decisions about the future. It encourages them to think about where they’re at, what they want, and what God wants, and how these things affect the trajectory of their lives and their personal journey with Christ. The goal is to help students to make the choice to keep growing in their faith and get connected to a Christian community after high school.

Mentorship Resource Guide

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The Mentorship Resource

Q: What is NEXT’s Mentorship Resource? 

A: The Mentorship Resource is a series of conversations designed to facilitate a relationship between a Christian mentor and a mentee who is transitioning from high school into a new phase of life. 

These conversations are organized as a set of cards which provide a consistent and intentional framework of conversation-starting prompts on topics relevant to young adults. 

Q: How does this Mentorship Resource work? 

A: It works by bringing people together! The main goal of each suggested conversation is to encourage a mentoring relationship through talking about things that matter. 

Each conversation topic includes four parts: 

  1. Purpose: statements identifying the conversation’s topic and goal
  2. Walk of Life: questions reflecting on the topic 
  3. Life with God: questions exploring Jesus’ relevance
  4. Prayer: prompts encouraging prayer

Q: What topics are covered? 

A: Over twelve conversations, the Mentorship Resource helps to identify the mentee’s:

  1. Influences
  2. Community contributions
  3. Strengths and skills
  4. Future goals
  5. Upcoming decisions
  6. Communities and friendships
  7. Personal values
  8. Family dynamics
  9. Thoughts on romance
  10. Attitude towards money
  11. Opportunities to celebrate and reflect
  12. Adjustment to life after high school

However, feel free to talk about other things as well. 

Q: What’s the time commitment?

A: The Mentorship Resource is designed to be used over 14 months, with a total of 12 meetings. We recommend starting in September and meeting monthly until June, and then just meeting once in the summer and following fall. But this suggested timeline can certainly be adapted.

Give yourself an hour or an hour and a half to connect and have a meaningful conversation. Ideally mentors should also take 15-30 minutes before meetings to review the resource and pray for their mentee.