The Last Relapse

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The Last Relapse
Realize Your Potential, Reclaim Intimacy, and Resolve the Root Issues of Porn Addiction


Pornography addiction rules your life-but porn isn't the problem.

Internet filters, accountability partners, and even spiritual disciplines stop slipups, but they don't resolve the root of your addiction. You need more than prayer and quick fixes to free yourself from pornography.

Full of Bible-based principles and research-backed strategies, this easy-to-follow guide provides powerful tools of science and scripture to help you recover your integrity, purity, and freedom from the silent struggle of porn addiction.


  • Five foundational principles to guide your recovery.
  • How to balance your emotional bank account before temptation takes over.
  • Four steps of forgiveness to heal the wounds that sourced your addiction.
  • A system that redeems confidence, renews mindsets, and rewires old pathways.
  • Tips to build a more intimate, meaningful relationship with God.


You don't have to face this struggle alone-because God is already on your side. Read The Last Relapse to break free from porn addiction and become the man He made you to be!

Author: Sathiya Sam
Paperback: 272 pages
Dimensions/Weight: 15 x 23 x .1.8 cm / 370g
Publisher/Date: SMG Publishing / 2022
Language: English