Resurrection Eggs (Standard)

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Resurrection Eggs - Updated Edition
For Ages 3 and up

A perennial Easter classic! 
This Updated Edition features re-designed packaging to the box, carton, and booklet

Send your children on a hunt that will lead them to the treasure of Easter. Great for the home, Sunday school or the classroom.
Read the story together, open each egg, and find the surprise inside—a symbol of Jesus’ journey to the cross. It’s a great way to connect while reliving the events of those history-changing hours. Discover how the anticipation, surprise, and experience of Resurrection Eggs has helped Easter come alive for children around the globe.
Box Includes
One egg carton; 12 plastic eggs with Easter story symbols inside; 1 beautifully illustrated, bilingual English/Spanish storybook; and 1 set of colourful stickers.