Love Like You Mean It Leader's Kit

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Love Like  You Mean It Leader's Kit

This Kit includes the Book, Love Like you Mean It, 2 Workbooks, and 1 DVD

You’ve been lied to about love...and it’s time to know the truth. Join Bob Lepine, Co-Host of FamilyLifeToday® on this journey of redefining true love by walking through 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Brought to you by FamilyLife, a leader in biblical marriage content for more than 40 years, the Love Like You Mean It video study will empower couples to love each other the way God intended. Each session includes a group kickstarter and a 20 minute video full of applicable truth, honest couples, and a few laughs along the way. The video sessions are expertly paired with discussion prompts and a fun couples challenge - so you can go from ‘watching and learning’ to ‘understanding and doing.’ Jump things off to a fast start by taking the free online couple’s assessment! And that’s not all! The included assessment will help each couple to identify their own areas of strength and opportunities to grow, so you can complete all 10 sessions OR focus in on only the ones your relationship needs the most right now. Session Topics:

  • Everything Minus Love=Nothing
  • Love is Patient
  • Love is Kind
  • Love is Humble
  • Love is Unflappable
  • Love is Generous
  • Love is Virtuous
  • Love is Honest
  • Love is Tenacious
  • Love Never Fails

Each kit includes all sessions on DVD, two workbooks and the Love Like you Mean it Book.

No DVD player? No problem! As a leader you’ll receive a special code to access all video sessions online!