Have you Heard of The Four Fantastic Facts?

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This fun, colorful version of the classic ‘Four Spiritual Laws’ is designed to communicate the gospel with simplicity and clarity to children aged 4-10. Designed to maximize children’s engagement and offer parents and youth ministry leaders a natural conversation guide.

This fun, illustrated booklet, a version of The Four Spiritual Laws, presents the gospel as four facts instead of laws.

Vibrant color and engaging imagery combine with short snippets of text and Bible verses to make the gospel crystal-clear for young minds. Designed so that older elementary-aged children can read through and understand on their own, and for parents and youth ministry leaders to read to younger kids and guide a gospel conversation.

Includes a sample prayer of invitation to receive Christ, several pages of foundational truths for new Christians, and a page to mark the date a child invites Jesus into his or her life.


  • Dimensions:  5”x 5” (12.8cm x 12.8cm)
  • Pages:  24
  • Color:   Full Color
  • product-type: booklet