Crossing Culture: Is your faith Intellectually defenseless? (DVDs)

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Would you like to be able to defend your faith better? Is your teenager heading off to university intellectually defenseless and spiritually vulnerable? Let two of Christianity's most prolific university debaters and apologists help you, your children, disciples, students, family, or congregation.

This 2 DVD set by W. L. Craig and Michael Horner presents a thorough case for Christian Theism and answers many critical questions and objections. The material is easily navigated with detailed menus. It can be used personally and in small and large group settings, especially when used together with downloadable notes.

Some of the items discussed include:

  • How can God be changeless and yet be a creator?
  • Won't science eventually be able to supply a natural explanation for the universe having a beginning?
  • The role of reason and apologetics in sharing the gospel
  • Couldn't objective morality have evolved?
  • Isn't believing with evidence spiritually inferior?
  • If God causes natural disasters, how can he be good?
  • How can a good God command others to kill?
  • There is no such thing as truth!
  • What are the limits of tolerance?
  • Can a Christian ever use violence against violence?
  • Is the existence of hell fair and just?
  • Does "turn the other cheek" abolish Old Testament civil law?
  • Do "sightings of Elvis" prove he rose from the dead?

Other links for reference include:

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  2. The Life