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Bible Infographics For Kids Adventure Journal
40 Faith-tastic Days To Journey With Jesus In Creative Ways

Adventurers of all ages (but especially young ones) will embark on a faith-tastic 40-day journey filled with incredible, infographic-infused opportunities to draw, learn, write, engage, pray, imagine, reflect, study, and chronicle their connection with their Creator.

This is a journal that even the most timid and discerning adventurers are sure to enjoy. If journaling seems like work disguised as fun--like washing a car or shearing sheep--do not be afraid! This is journaling Bible Infographics for Kids -style.

Is expressing yourself with words difficult? Check out our infographic emojis.

Is poetry a struggle? The patented* infographic poetry tutorial is included.

Are you bamboozled by writer's block? We're the providers of plentiful prompts.

Do you find Bible history a mystery? Try our time machine.**

Are you scared to sing? Well, that's what showers are for...and not included here, but you'll still be singing praises regardless.

And there's still so much more to discover!

No matter what you level of journal-using proficiency is, this amazing journey with Jesus will no doubt be notable!

*not actually patented
**not an actual time machine

Table of Contents
Day 1 - What's a question you'd like to ask Jesus? Write out the conversation that follows.
Day 2 - If you could re-create or build anything from the Bible, what would it be?
Day 3 - If you had Solomon's wealth, what's the first thing you'd buy?
Day 4 - Pray for someone today.
Day 5 - Draw a picture that shows how you feel about God.
Day 6 - Write out a poem using the word "Hallelujah" as the title.
Day 7 - Write down the word that describes your relationship with Jesus today.
Day 8 - If you were alive during Jesus's time on Earth, what do you think you'd wear? Sketch your outfit.
Day 9 - Go outside. Draw your favorite thing that God created outdoors.
Day 10 - Write down your favorite Bible verse? Why is it your favorite?
Day 11 - Finish this: "Lord, I'm sorry for..."
Day 12 - We know Jesus has good plans for our life, write about what you think that might be.
Day 13 - Sing your favorite Bible song and write down how it makes you feel.
Day 14 - What's the best advice you think the Bible gives?
Day 15 - Write down one word that describes your relationship with Jesus today.
Day 16 - Where would you visit that Jesus also visited?
Day 17 - What food are you thankful God made?
Day 18 - Open your Bible and randomly point to a verse or Scripture. What did you learn?
Day 19 - Finish this: "Lord, help me..."
Day 20 - Go outside. What do you see outside that helps you feel God is near?
Day 21 - Write about how Jesus has changed your life?
Day 22 - What's the question you want to ask God most about the Bible?
Day 23 - Visit with a friend or relative you haven't talked to in a while.
Day 24 - Use 5 adjectives to describe Jesus.
Day 25 - Show love to another person today. How did you do this?
Day 26 - If you could meet one of Jesus's 12 disciples, who would it be? Why?
Day 27 - Draw something that shows how you feel knowing Jesus was resurrected.
Day 28 - Talk to someone about God today.
Day 29 - If you could play a game with Jesus, what would it be?
Day 30 - What does the word "grace" mean to you?
Day 31 - Write a poem about what you'd like to thank God for.
Day 32 - Finish this: "Lord, don't let me be tempted by..."
Day 33 - Go outside. Free of any distractions, pray.
Day 34 - Sing out a song that shows how you feel today.
Day 35 - Write down one word that describes your relationship with Jesus today. Is it different than Day 7?
Day 36 - Which event in Jesus's life would you want to go back and see? Why?
Day 37 - Imagine you could talk to anyone mentioned in the Bible, who would you talk to? Why?
Day 38 - If you could do anything for 40 days straight, what would it be?
Day 39 - Draw what a book cover might look like for your 40-day journey.
Day 40 - What did you learn from your 40 days? What do you want to do over the next 40?

Paperback: 80 pages
Dimensions/Weight: 18 x 23 x 0.5 cm / 171g
Publisher/Date: Harvest House Publishers / 2023
Language: English