Treasure: Jesus is worth Everything - Starter Kit (Boxed Set)

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TREASURE. Boxed set

More Joy. More Purpose. More Adventure. More to Life. More is something we all want. What if the only way to find more is to give Jesus all that you have?
Treasure is a journey of discovery—a call to explore your relationship with Christ. You will follow stories of several people, both in the films and through Scripture as they learn and discover what it truly means to be fully committed to Jesus. The Treasure Discovery Guide will also help you get the most out of this experience. You will get the opportunity to apply the stories to your life with a small group or with an online study coach.
What if the abundant life you’ve been searching for has been right in front of you all along?
The Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started:
• Flash drive with all 6 films
• DVD with all 6 films
• 1 Discovery Guide
• 15 Life cards for your group
• 15 Life cards to share
Box dimensions: approx. 15cm square