The Art of Parenting

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From our observations and experience it seems that most parents today have three basic goals for their children:
We want our children to be safe.
We want them to be happy.
We want them to be successful.
But how do we achieve those goals? You only have so much control as a parent. No matter how much you protect your children, they will still be touched by danger, by injury, by sickness. You can give them happy moments and memories, but you can't prevent them from experiencing sadness or fear or disappointment. You can help them build useful skills and a strong work ethic, but at some point they will leave home and make their own choices; you won't be able to control the outcomes. That's why passing on a living faith is so important.
In fact, when they are closely connected to God, safety and happiness and success will look different, because God defines them differently than our culture does. And we guarantee that there is nothing more satisfying than watching your children grow into adults and work through everything life throws at them when you know at their core they walk with God. As 3 John 4 says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."
Author: Dennis & Barbara Rainey
Hardcover: 256 pages
Dimensions/Weight: 15.8 x 23.5 x  cm / 550g
Publisher/Date: Bethany House / 2018
Language: English
Dennis & Barbara Rainey