Magdalena: Released From Shame / Damascus

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"Magdalena: Released From Shame" film in 8 languages
(NTSC, Packaged in a cardboard sleeve)

A woman caught in the shameful act of adultery; a social outcast ignored because of her loose lifestyle; a recluse shunned in society for 12 years because of a despicable illness; a widow mourning the loss of her only son. An ugly thread of shame, sorrow and hopelessness painfully weaves its way through each of these women's lives.

After spending three years following Jesus, Mary Magdalene has seen it all--lives changed, miracles performed, the sorrow of death and yet the triumph of life. Mary has watched in amazement as Jesus taught a whole new way of looking at life and at people. Jesus radically transformed her own life when he healed her from demon possession, so much so that she became his follower.

Fast forward to A.D. 40. Although Jesus no longer remains on earth, Mary Magdalene still lives a changed life. Despite his miraculous work and his surprising compassion, not everyone bought into the teachings of this man, Jesus. Skeptical about this supposed Savior, Mary's friend questions her, "The God who created all of this? I doubt He even sees me, much less knows me."

In response, Mary Magdalene passionately retells the details of Jesus' life--from birth, to death, and eventually to resurrection--and how his life continues on in the lives of those who follow him.

Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Urdu

Subtitled in English and Farsi


"Damascus" film in 8 languages
Before his heart was filled with compassion and love, it was filled with hate and anger. Before he led the church, he led zealots in persecuting Christians.

Discover the truth that transforms a menace and murderer into a messenger of mercy. A gripping docudrama on the ruthless zealot, Saul of Tarsus, whose passion to exterminate Christians is miraculously reversed on the road to DAMASCUS.

Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Urdu

Subtitled in English and Farsi