Is it Abuse? A Biblical Guide to Identifying Domestic Abuse and Helping Victims

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The statistics are deeply concerning. The stories are hard to hear. Church and ministry leaders wonder how to uncover the truth in fraught domestic situations. Counselors work to separate typical marriage conflicts from oppressive ones. Women worry as friends seem to wither before their eyes. And many wives feel confused and uncertain: "Is my husband's behavior normal?" Is it abuse? With so much at stake, it's important to get the answer right. For years biblical counselor Darby Strickland has served women in oppressive marriages. Now she writes to anyone who wants to help. Providing case studies, reflection questions, inventory questions, and thought-provoking exercises, she prepares the reader to pick up on concerning cues and to explore them appropriately. You will learn how to identify the toxic entitlement that drives abusive behavior and better understand the impact of abuse on victims. Ultimately, you will become equipped to provide wise and Christ-centered counsel while carefully navigating the complex dynamics of oppression in a marriage.

In a day too often filled with rhetoric and finger-pointing Darby gives us a book filled with gracious, biblical, and practical counsel for how to effectively care for women in our churches who are suffering abuse. She offers biblical hope for the abused as well as practical help for the counselor as she shares insights, cautions, stories and specific questions that can help us love and lead these 'bruise reeds' to a place of new hope.
Brad Bigney, Lead Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Kentucky

This book is now my "go to" resource on domestic abuse. I have looked for a book on domestic abuse that is the total package: biblical, practical, accessible, and theological. I have finally found it. It is gospel rich, well-written, and it is chock full of practical wisdom. Darby Strickland is a gift to the church.
Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

Darby's materials are always ranked #1 on my list of resources for understanding and addressing abuse! Through church-wide conferences, specific leadership training, and her written and online materials, Darby's faithfully biblical insight and expertise have provided solid guidance for our church as we have stepped deeply into this crucial ministry to brokenness and need. I welcome Is It Abuse? gratefully and enthusiastically.
Joan McConnell, Director of Women's Ministry, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Author: Darby A. Strckland
Paperback: 353 pages
Dimensions/Weight: 15.2 x 23 x 2.2 cm / 575g
Publisher/Date: P&R Publishing Company / 2020
Language: English