Irresistible - Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleashed for the World

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Once upon a time there was a version of our faith that was practically.... Irresistible.

But that was then.

Today an increasing number of ex-church-attenders identify as "nones." The New Atheists insist Christianity is acutally harmful to society. "The Bible says..." doesn't carry the weight it once did and thanks to our digital world, folks know "what else" the Bible says without even picking up a Bible.

In spite of this, we preach, teach, write, and communicate as if nothing has changed. As if "The Bible says it," still settles it. 

According to author and church leader Andy Stanley, it's time to hit pause on much of what we're doing and consider the faith modeled by our first-century brothers and sisters who had no official Bible, no status, and, humanly speaking, little chance of survival.

What did they know that we don't?

What made their faith so compelling, so defensible, so irresistible?
Buckle up . . . you’re about to find out. More importantly, Andy will invite you to embrace the version of faith that, against all odds, initiated a chain of events resulting in the most significant and extensive cultural transformation the world has ever seen. A version we must embrace if we are to be salt and light in an increasingly savorless and dark world.
Author: Andy Stanley
Paperback: 332 pages
Dimensions/Weight: 13.9 x 21.3 x 1.8 cm / 379g
ISBN: 9780310536987
Publisher/Date: Zondervan/2018
Language: English