Good Pictures Bad Pictures JR.

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"How old should my child be when I begin warning them about pornography?"

The right age is when your child has any access to the internet. 

The good news is that even prechoolers can learn a simple definition of bad pictures, and can use the Turn, Run and Tell plan to keep themselves safe!

Written by best-selling author Kristen A. Jenson of the original Good Pictures Bad Pictures book, the Jr. version (for ages 3 - 6) is a comfortable, effective way for proactive parents to empower their young kids with their first internal filter!

Includes notes to Parents and Caregivers in the back, as to how to use the book.

Product details
Author: Kristen A. Jenson (Illustrated by Debbie Fox)
Hardcover: 39 pages
Dimensions/Weight: 27.5 x 21.3 x 1 cm / 355g
ISBN: 9780997318722
Publisher/Date: Glen Cove Press / 2018
Language: English

Kristen A. Jenson - Illustrated by Debbie Fox