DRIME LIBERATE: Drama Training Course DVD

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We want to help you as you reach your world with Liberate, a creative drama-based evangelism tool. We have found that drama crosses language barriers and offers a non-threatening message of hope to those who stop to watch. By purchasing this kit and using this drama, we believe that you will find an open door to sharing the gospel with those who are searching.
This resource DVD includes:
• Training video of the drama Liberate
• Detailed PDF script for the drama
• Helpful evangelism tips 
• An MP3 copy of the song “Liberate” (by Cory Alstad)
We hope that this drama opens up opportunities for you to share the love of God with those you encounter! 
About the Author
Since 1994, DRIME has been helping people discover Christ through choreographed street drama on the busy corners of large cities around the globe. Originating in Vancouver, this ministry has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon, impacting people not only in Canada, but in Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Thailand, Togo, Benin and Kenya.  
For more information about our ministry, or to find out about more training resources, visit www.drime.com.