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Maybe you’ve recently discovered time together isn’t the same as connecting together.

But what if you could connect at that deeper level? Enter Dates to Remember. Three "moments" that bring you closer together.

Each easy-to-follow moment includes time to

  • Play a game to warm things up a bit,
  • Watch a short video from experts who’ve been there,
  • Talk through discussion questions to kick-start deeper conversation, and
  • Get real on a spiritual level. The most successful marriages connect with a faith that bleeds into all areas of life. We help you get there.

What others are saying:

"It sparked some great sharing. And having the prompts of what to ask was helpful since we want to know about each other but sometimes we don't know what to share or what to ask."

"We enjoyed the opportunity to spend time playing and talking about our marriage. We had fun and laughed a lot during the games. We had meaningful conversations during the discussion sections. We appreciated the conversation prompts to ask questions we may not have thought to ask before. "

"Creative and clever!"

About the Creators

We’re a small-ish team of passionate people who love what we do: developing marriages and families who change the world, one home at a time.

Why are we passionate about this mission? Because we get it—we’re walking through it with you—and because God’s Kingdom on Earth is worth it.

Think of us as those friends you connect with over a latte, who you trust to listen, care, and point you in the right direction—towards Christ and your spouse, for God’s glory.

We’re right there with you, muscling through marriage and family. Together, we move forward by God’s grace, one step at a time.

Welcome to the family!

About the Product

Box also contains:

The Story of Us devotional to keep you connecting for 52 more weeks!
Publisher: FamilyLife Publishing® (2020)
Language: English
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